Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Vacation!

Hi Everyone!  

Christmas is almost here!  I hope you all have an amazing holiday and a blessed New Year!  Don't forget to write down your new resolutions, or do like I do and just add to the last years unaccomplished list!

I want to let you all know, I will be taking a Holiday Vacation from Dec 27th thru January 30th.  We will be back up and running by Feb 1st.

I wish you all a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!!!

Be kind to one another!

Huggs n Stitches, xo Deb 

Don't forget, Road to California is January 21st thru 24th!  Hope to see you there!!

Monday, December 14, 2015



Hello Everyone! 
 I am marking down All Christmas at Rooster Creek today 20-50% off!!!  That's at Rooster Creek in Old Town Murrieta CA, corner of C street and Washington!  

Also I have created a Coupon for my Etsy Store!  30% off everything in the store!  Just use Code 
DECEMBER252015 when purchasing your item!  

I can't thank you all enough for your support over the last year!  Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year!  

Thank you all again so much.  Huggs n Stitches for a Very Merry Christmas, Debbie xo+

Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 1 of the 12 days of Christmas!

Hey Guys! Ok Rooster Creeks 12 days of Christmas begins tomorrow...They are having 20% off everything RED in the store!!! I am tagging along on this sale, so anything in my spot that has red on it will be 20% off!!!! Including patterns! Great for last minute gifts or decorations to finish your spectacular display for your home!!!! Remember to shop small! Those independent shops really rely on your generosity to stay in business! Thanks so much for your never ending support!!! Maybe I will see you up there tomorrow! xoxo huggs n stitches, Deb xo 
I will post on Sunday night for next weeks sales!!! xo
Rooster Creek in Old Town Murrieta CA
Corner of C Street and Washington! 
Open 10-5pm

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our kitty Sam

This is Sam, he was about 2 years old and full of nonsense! He loved his people and loved to wrestle and chase the other cats around.  He would talk to you, but mostly to my husband.  He loved water and playing with lizards.  Loved rolling in the dirt till he was brown and no longer all...then that's when he would come in.  We should have called him Pig Pen. When he was in a lovey mood you could get him to bump heads with you and would purr and purr!  Loved food, of any kind.  He was a dumpster kitty until we got the privilege of being his family. He would play fetch, only like the black toy mice with a tail. loved his dogs, and everyone who walked in the door. 

I am writing this all down, because Sam lost his life today to a pack of hungry coyotes.  Right out front in our neighbors driveway.  He was a good boy and didn't deserve to die in such a terrible way.  It was early this morning and we are all grieving. 
This is the hardest part of loving pets, its never easy to say goodbye, but it hurts like hell when you loose them like this.

This post is dedicated to all of you who have ever lost your fur baby too soon.  Our heart aches for him and for your fuzzy loves.   

 I forgot to mention one very important thing he use to do, when he played, he would do random somersaults. Would just start flipping around leaping and jumping, then would take off running...he was such a silly boy and his sense of humor will be terribly missed.

I am sure I could write a whole book on just Sam and his sillyness.  
I thank you for stopping by and reading my blog of daily nonsense and sometimes heartache.  
I do appreciate you all very much!  

Thanks for listening, 
Huggs n Stitches, xo Deb 2015

New Etsy Listings

Hi Guys,
I am heading off to bed, but wanted to let you know I listed a couple new patterns on my Etsy!
Hope you have a chance to swing over and have a look!

Happy Thursday!

Huggs n Stitches xo Deb 2015
This little guy is listed on etsy for $28.00

Friday, November 27, 2015

Free Shipping on Etsy This weekend!

Hey All, Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
Hope you all enjoyed your time with family and friends!!!

This weekend on my Etsy page, I am offering FREE SHIPPING!!!  Use code MERRYCHRISTMAS2015  When you make your purchase to receive the discount.  This is for Domestic Shipping only, not out of Country.  

Also This weekend at Rooster Creek, Its Shop Small Saturday!!!  Some of us Gals are having a sale!  I am offering a 15% Discount on all my patterns and Kits, My friend Rosalie is offering the same on her signs and Cricket is offering 20% on her entire line!!!  Should be a great weekend of sales.  

Remember when you shop small you are supporting more than just a shop!  That shop may have several people who rely on that place to make money for their families, may not be much, but every little bit helps! That local shop may employ a student, a single mother, a retired person who cant get that corporate job!  So share the love, shop small this weekend, I promise your dollar will make a bigger difference there than at Walmart!    Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy this amazing season!!!  God Bless!!!   

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

Sadly, Sale is over!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Rooster Creek's Christmas Open House

Hi Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!  

Tomorrow November 21st  Rooster Creek will be having their Christmas Open House from 10-5 pm

The shop is full of goodies to help make your 
home extra warm and fuzzy for Christmas. 

Rooster Creek didn't forget about Thanksgiving, there is still lots of Fall Decorations to choose from!  

I will be there from 11 to 3 with a Make and Take.  Come pull up a chair and lets have some fun making a fun ornament for your tree or to give as a gift! 

So grab your friends and come join us as we welcome in the Holidays!!  

See you soon!  xo Deb

Rooster Creek
Corner of Washington
and C street in Old Town Murrieta

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Look

Hi There!
Today I needed to work on the blog a little.  I moved some things around and took some things out.  I hope it fits better and is more appealing to you guys!  I am forever grateful for you stopping by.  I have been so busy lately, I haven't had a chance to catch my breath!  Getting ready for Rooster Creeks Open House coming up, I have lots of new goods to put in the shop.  I have a new pattern I am working on, its sorta late for the Holidays but thankfully its an easy pattern so I am sure you can finish it before Christmas!  

Well I better get back to work if I hope to be ready.  I will post more as it comes.  Hope all of you are doing well and having a good week!

Talk to you all soon, 
Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Winner Winner Winner!!!!

Congratulations to all~

Since I only had a few people sign up I decided to allow everyone to be a winner!  So if you left a comment here or on my Facebook page you are a winner!  Send me your address via email asap! Thank you all so much for your kind comments!!!  

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My 100th Post!!!

Oh My Gosh!
I can't believe this is my 100th post! 
Let's Celebrate this 100th post with my very first GIVE AWAY!!!

In honor of Halloween!  Lets Give Away my Jack and Spider Dish Towel Kit!  
Kit includes fabric, towel and pattern!

Here's how to Enter:
1) Follow me on my Blog by signing up your email address.  You will receive blog posts directly in your email inbox. You MUST leave your name n email in the comment section 
or you can
2) Like and Follow my Facebook page 
 Wildoberry Farm's and leave your name and email in that  comment section 

 This contest is for United States Residents only.  Blogger is not affiliated in any way with this contest, All decisions will be final, contest runs from Oct 1st thru midnight Oct 3rd 2015, Only one winner will be selected, and the winner will be chosen at random on Sunday and will be notified by email. Be sure to correctly spell your name and email address.  Once prize leaves my possession I am no longer responsible for it and there will be no replacements.  Shipping is free and will be sent as soon as all details are finalized. 

Thank you All for your daily visits and views! 

Visit me on Etsy. 

Thank you all so much for your support and I wish you all good luck in the give away!
Huggs n' Stitches! xo Deb


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rooster Creek's Fall Open House

Hi Guys,
Rooster Creek is having an open house this Saturday Sept 19th  from 10-6 pm.  I won't be there as we had prior plans, (Celebrating our 26th anniversary! Yea!) but I encourage you to go!!  I have 2 brand new patterns for Fall and there are 4 other new patterns in the shop I just recently finished, including my very first doll pattern!  

Rooster Creek is Located in Murrieta, CA on the corner of Washington and "C" Street.

I will be at Rooster Creek's next Barn sale on Oct 3rd.  I will have some new hand made goods.  I am working on dolls, pillows and some clothes pin bags.  As well as some new, way over due, Dish towel patterns. 

It hasn't been an easy year for Wildoberry Farms.  Lots of changes, health issues, and other life type things.  I am so thankful though for all of you and your never ending support!  I am humbled every time I hear someone say "oh Wildoberry Farms? I love her patterns!" Makes my heart melt every time.   So thank you all so very much, I hope to see you in Oct at the Barn Sale and I hope you have a great time at Rooster Creeks Open House!  Tell Vivian or Cricket that Deb Sent you!!! 

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xoxox

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wildoberry Farms Patterns n Handmade Goods from Our Homegrown Company Est 2010 xo Deb Lee: Change

Wildoberry Farms Patterns n Handmade Goods from Our Homegrown Company Est 2010 xo Deb Lee: Change: Howdy All, Stay Tuned for changes coming to this page and to our Little Company!  Sign up for our blog to be delivered right to your in bo...


Howdy All,

Stay Tuned for changes coming to this page and to our Little Company!  Sign up for our blog to be delivered right to your in box~

This will take little time...until then, here are the new patterns.  Patterns are $10 each due to the size of the pattern page.
Old Glory

 Sweet Honey Hive

Daisy Collector

Bee Kind Bee Hive

Sweet Dreams Bed Pillow

handmade dolls Available at Rooster Creek in Murrieta Ca

New changes coming soon...Hope you will come along!  

Thanks for stopping by~
Deb xo

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Getting Back on Track

Howdy All,
Well its been a little while since my last post, and I won't bore you with all the details.  Lets just call it life...
I have new patterns and dolls coming
 I also have my very first doll pattern ready to be released and I am very excited about it.  
I hope to have every thing listed and posted by the 1st of September. So please check back on that day or sign up your email to get it as soon as its posted!  I can't thank you all enough for viewing my blog its very humbling!  And of course wonderful at the same time! 
My space at Rooster Creek will be filled with Fall as of the 31st.
This is one of the first patterns I created! 
Come by Rooster Creek and see whats new, I will also be at their Barn Sale in October, (that's the plan anyway) More details to follow.  
Gotta get back to it, so I can meet my deadline! xo

I would love your feed back on the patterns and dolls.  Please let me know how I am doing!  

Thanks so much for hanging around!  
Have a wonderful day, Huggs n Stitches, xo Deb

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Etsy Listings

Good Evening Everyone!
Real quick before I hit the sack.  I wanted to let you know, I was busy listing some patterns on my Etsy account!  If you get a chance stop over and take a peek...I will be listing more patterns more often.  The shipping pricing needs work, I gotta get a postal scale, its on my list. So I can be more accurate in my fees.  But at least there are some new patterns to look at and all the others have been cleaned up and are ready to go...

This one will go on tomorrow...just a preview...

Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading my babbles!  I will be posting on here more often as well. I am working on getting a better schedule down. I have to re adjust my  now that I am not doing the shows.  I have more time to create new things so I am a little more laxed in my duties! However, I will be bringing down new goods to Rooster Creek and filling in there.  New patterns are almost finished and ready to be listed on Etsy and so much more.  

In other news...
As some of you know, I was going to have surgery on my knee this past week (May 27th). Well that fell through because I had a bad reading of my heart.  I know I am fine, no pain no problems, but they cancelled my knee surgery because of it.  So now I have to be cleared medically before I can reschedule.  So I know there is a reason for this and I will just have to wait.  I have Faith it will all work itself out.  Its been this way for 5-6 years whats another month or two?

Anyway, Thanks again for stopping over, its so heart warming to see so many page views...I appreciate each one!  
Sweet Dreams my friends! xo

Huggs n Stitches, xo Deb

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hello friends!

Well as this weekends Quilt show at Rooster Creek approaches, I am reminded of all the plans I had for this show! And now of all the things that won't be finished for this show!  I have new patterns in the middle of being complete, dolls half dressed and other items in the mid process stage! 

 I will have some new pattern samples ready but the patterns are not complete so you will have to pre order them.  I will offer them at a discounted rate for the inconvenience.  I will have some Mothers day goods ready.  And a whole lot of patterns marked down 25-50% off the original price!  Plus some fabric remnants, scraps and pieces at a great price too.  
I have loads of buttons, and a few other things here and there.  

There are some Big changes coming to Wildoberry Farms this year.  For starters, this will be my last show for this year. I am taking this time to regroup my patterns and product.  I want all my patterns to be better! I am not going away by any means,  I will be here on my blog, my Etsy account, Facebook, my space at Rooster Creek and hopefully I will have my own web site soon.  I will still supply my stores with my patterns and hopefully add new shops, maybe in your town!  

I love doing the shows, but they are a lot of work and a lot of pressure to get things done.  I feel with all that, my patterns have suffered by being rushed.  I always want to offer you a quality product, and I can't do that when I am being rushed.  Thus, my plan is to take some time, re assess my business and make things better.  This company is a one woman show!  I am the chief, cook and bottle washer, so I am my own worse critic, and when something isn't right I have no one to blame but myself! ha, Talk about pressure! 

My business will be here on line, Etsy, Blog and Facebook, as well as being in Rooster Creek in Murrieta on Washington and C street.  You can also find my patterns,
 in Cherry Berry Quilt shop in Calimesa,
Georgia's Quilt shop in Beaumont, 
Up in Bakersfield at Strawberry Patches Quilt Shop
The Wool Lady in Temecula,
 in Orange County at The Quilt Cupboard, 
and in Tustin at the Flying Geese Quilt shop

  You all have been wonderful customers and some of you have even become my friends.  And I treasure that so much!  I want you to know I am not quitting or giving up this amazing business. You just won't find me at any more shows this year!  I hope you will stick around and see how this will all turn out!  
I have so many ideas, I just wish my hands could keep up!  

I will see you Saturday at the Quilt show at Rooster Creek
See you there!  

Thanks all of you for coming by and for your unwavering support!  You all mean so much to me!  

Hope to see you all around!

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

May Quilt Show...

Hi All,
I have some announcements coming soon...
Come back soon for more details about the quilt show...May 9th at Rooster Creek...

See ya soon!  xoxox Deb

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rooster Creek

Hey all, Happy Spring!

Well I am all tucked in at Rooster Creek now...well at least my displays are up and product from the show is up, and priced...if you missed the show swing by Rooster Creek this weekend and see whats new!  I have lots coming...but first I have to find my sewing area...after the show it somehow got buried under all the stuff from the
I am fixing it this weekend getting orders out and finishing up a few things...I will be down Rooster Creek way sometime tomorrow maybe I will see you at the shop!

Thanks for all who swung by the show this past weekend, it was an amazing show, a bit warm but good none the less! I think they said it was a record number of people coming through the show on Friday?  It is the greatest show in the valley after all!  I was so blessed to be a part of it!

Talk to you all soon, Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vintage Market Place

Vintage Marketplace 
Friday - Sunday 9-3 pm
Hope you can make it out! 
should be a lovely weekend!  

Lets Catch up...

Hi there Friends!

Wowzers there has been lots going on for sure...Some Good and of course Some Bad...but over all just life in general!

For starters, Most of you know already I had a chance to be a small part of Road 2 California.  What a grand experience. I had a good response to my patterns and was very happy to hear about that!   Many thanks to Stars and Scraps for including me in the show!

Speaking of Stars and Scraps, they have downsized in to another location in Corona to 1869 Pomona Road, Corona Ca  the number is 951-737-3959.  As of right now I am not in the shop, we will see how it goes when they are all settled again.  They are smaller and my not have as much room for me as they once did.  But we will work it out for sure!

 My entire line of patterns will be at Rooster Creek in Old Town Murrieta after the Marketplace show...

This weekend is The Vintage Marketplace antique flea market show and I will be there with some new goods...I have some bunnies, chicks, and other items... Sandie will be there with me with some vintage quilt tops and some machine embroidered towels...
We set up on Thursday and the show is Friday thru Sunday 9-3 pm...Hope you can come by and see us...I do have a new pattern or two...which leads me to the next item topic...

Wildoberry Farms is adding a new line ... it will be called (for now) Wildoberry Babies, I have a new designer coming on board with me and she and I will be adding some wonderful new items...You might get a sneak peak at the show...we will see...there is so much to do...

Which brings me to the next bit of news...I will be attending the quilt show put on by 
The Divine Sewers of the Ya Ya Sisterhood! 
 Rooster Creek hosted last year and will again this year...

This is where I will launch all the new patterns and the new line .   You won't want to miss this show...the show is 
May 9th beginning at 10-4 pm  located at
 Rooster Creek on Washington in Old Town Murrieta...

Show is free with free parking, it is a small show...but a lot of fun... the ladies are so nice and Rooster Creek is a great vintage/primitive gift shop with fabric, thread and patterns too!

above is Rooster Creek shop in Murrieta find them on FACEBOOK
Outside of Rooster Creek on Washington

After Vintage Marketplace show I will be cleaning up my Etsy account and adding some new items, also I will be adding some new items to our space in Rooster is way over due for a make over!  So please stop by and see the Rooster Creek crew, sit a spell and have a good chin, as my mother in law would always say...xo

On the personal side, there was lots but here is the highlights...
October and November was a blur, and much of December was too come to think of it...

It was my Daughters 21st birthday and my 50th, yes I will admit it.

 So we had a huge party, then the following week was Christmas Eve and we had a house full of family and close friends, Great time!  Then Christmas day  we got ready for our maiden voyage in our new trailer, as we were going camping that weekend... Well we nearly froze since the heater in the camper didn't work! It was a Brand New Trailer for pete was 28 degrees in that tin can! Thank God for my son and his friend as they brought us a space heater for Sat night...we were close Thank goodness!
The weather made sense because that week of  New Years, We got snow...not a light dusting, not a mushy slushy mess, Actually powder snow 6-12 inches to be exact. 
This was unheard way normal!  but it was sure pretty. This was the morning after the snowfall. I am going to put this picture of the snow on my fridge to remind myself of how cold it was here when its 105 this summer!  

 and my last bit of news..., My dad now lives with us, he is healthy and independent he and his lady friend have lots of fun together so I am thankful for that.  My niece also lives here now, just until school is out, she is a senior and wanted to graduate with her class.  They Sold their house in December, and her family is now in Norco, not far but too far to commute to school daily. So she is here till June.  As with moving has come some construction, moving boxes and all the normal chaos that comes with change...Rooms moved and unsettled and such...But its getting better and everything will settle down
Needless to say it was an eventful few months...

And lastly...I just wanted to express how thankful I am to you all who have stopped by and wandered through my pages of babbles!...I have seen so much more activity lately...I am humbled...Thank you all its so nice to have you all around.  Things will get back to a normal here soon I am sure.  

I hope to be caught up a little its a dang book!  
I hope to see you all at the show's, leave your comments below I would love to hear from you..  Remember May is the new pattern launch date, and a new line is coming soon!

Take good care everyone and God Bless

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Changes in the Air

Hey friends,
Well its been crazy around here and I have not had a chance to sit down and have a whole complete thought form in my head...  There has been some personal things (all is ok) and some work things too...
I just wanted to let you  know I am still here, I will be posting all the happenings soon.

I am so thankful for all the page views lately...

Thank you all so much, sorry for the delay in postings, please stop by again soon!  If you sign up you will get the updates quicker!

thanks again for all your support and encouragement I am humbled and so grateful!

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goods from Road

Hi Guys,
Well here is my haul...I didn't purchase much since my house is in transition with lots of construction going on since my dad and niece
moved in with us...

Ok off topic.

Here is the goods I found.  I have some great projects in mind...hopefully they will be done soon. I love old flour sacks, these will be perfect for a project I have, the two patterns Farmhouse Threads and Shabby Fabrics are for my own personal use, Maybe some day they will get finished! An old vintage banner for my bedroom and some Chalk pens for writing on dark fabrics. I have never tried them so I will let you know how it goes.

Well  I am off to paint a wall!  Happy Day to you all!

Huggs n Stitches, xo Deb

Friday, January 23, 2015

Road 2 Calif

Howdy all,
Well yesterday I headed to Road...It was a great show, lots of good deals and beautiful quilts to see.  such talented artist under one roof...

Of course I didn't take a single picture...Nope...Not one...I was so caught up in the pageantry I didn't take my camera out once!  I will take a pic of what I purchased later ( gotta work today) so I will share that later...
Here is a pic from Stars n Scraps booth they posted on Facebook this morning...
and how cool is this that you can see my Summer Dish Towel in the center!!!

Thanks Raquel and Pam along with all the staff that put this gorgeous booth together!!

They are in Row 300 in Space 12 in the main room!!!

Have a super duper day my friends and I will post at you later!

Huggs n Stitches, xo Deb

Monday, January 19, 2015

Great News!!!

Hi All,
Boy I have been chomping at the bit over this for a week!  I wanted to make sure I could pull it together before I told you~

Ok So here it is...As you know I have a section in Stars n Scraps Quilt ShopStars and Scraps Quilt Shop in Corona, California in  Corona right?
Well they will have a booth in Road 2 California,(large quilt show in Ontario Convention Center) as every year, but this year they are taking ME with them,  well my patterns anyway!  I am going to Road!!!  I will have a section in their spot!!!  I cannot believe how generous they are!  I am just a small timer, But I get to go to the Big Show!!!  I am so Raquel and Pam as well as the whole wonderful Staff there!  They will be in the main hall on row 300!! They are excited to be in the main hall this year and to have a bigger space as well.

I hope things go well, I hope people like my patterns, I hope Stars n Scraps sell a lot of kits n fabric...This is a great show lots of people attend and lots of great vendors will be there!  I can't wait to go, it's my favorite quilt show...

This looks like a slow day? HA! Or maybe towards the very beginning of the day, if you look at the top portion of the picture you can see the hoards of people coming in! Most of the show is shoulder to shoulder...hard to see everything and harder to keep track of your friends who went with you!  lol   best way for me to do the show is set up a meeting place at the end of each isle or block of vendors, so you won't loose any time waiting for each other in each booth...then you can look without worry!  I went to the show by myself one year...I ran into more people I knew while I was there than if I had people with me, so it wasn't too bad going stag!  lol! Bring a tote bag to carry all your purchases and light jacket with you, it does get warm in there, no carts or strollers allowed, cash is always better, but most will take credit cards now, there are places inside to eat, its expensive but you do need to eat!

Amazing quilts, designs you can't believe, images you won't believe someone created that from fabric!  Incredible talent there!  It starts my creativity flowing and I feel so good to be in the presence of such talented artists!

Well I hope you get a chance to go...maybe I will see you there on Thursday I will most likely be there all day.  Drive safe, and be ready to shop, these vendors work very hard to put together a show to spark your imagination and stir your creativity!!!

Stop by Stars n Scraps and tell them Wildoberry Farms Sent you over!  That would be very nice for them to hear!!!  xo

Thank you all so very much for your never ending support and love!  I am grateful for each of you who log in to read my latest babbles, purchase my patterns or just send me such lovely comments!!!  It just blows my mind!!!  Thank you all, God Bless you !!!

Huggs n Stitches, xo Deb

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Exciting News!!!

I can't say just yet but its so good!!!  I am bursting out of my mind!!!  I will share by the weeks end I promise!!!  Stay Tuned!!! xoxoxo


xoxox Deb