Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wiley Catatoty

This is Our Wiley Catatoty, He has been with us for 13 wonderful years.  He is the best cat, never scratched the furniture or potty'ed outside of the cat box He is the care taker for all of the household. Wiley is a love. He loves everyone and I do mean everyone!

 The day Wiley found us, I was picking up some dog food at the pet store.  They had some rescued cats and dogs from the shelter.  I was thinking about my Brother in law who had just recently lost his kitty of several years "Roof Walker"  or Roofy for short. Any way, I looked and saw this beautiful kitty. "Cloudy" was an orange and white short hair, he was 3 years old, and had a big boned frame. I thought my Sister n law and Brother n law would love this guy.  He looked similar to what Wiley's picture is above, only much larger in size.  They could have been related    So, after a few phone calls, I decided to get him for my Brother in law as a birthday gift.  Well, while waiting for the ladies to finish the paper work for "Cloudy", I wandered around looking at the cages of kitty's   Wiley, who was "Sonny" at the time was huddled in the corner of the cage scared to death. I asked to see him, they took him out of the cage and he buried his head in my neck. I just didn't have the heart to put him back in that cage, he needed to come home with us!  I called my husband to talk to him about it.  I knew I already loved him. I knew my Husband would fall in love with him too!  He has been the best kitty ever. He just fit right in.  We now have 5 pets, 2 dogs both rescues, and 3 kitty's, 2 rescue's and one from a friends litter of kittens. Happily there is harmony here among all 5 pets, and Wiley cares for each of them. He makes sure he sees everyone everyday.  That is why they are here.  To love us and show us how to love, unconditionally.

Well maybe you have guessed what I'm about to tell you. Our wonderful Wiley is sick.  We took Wiley in to have his dew claw removed from his paw,  it had just grown in a little but it was looking puffy and sore.  The Dr then noticed he has lost a lot of weight for his size. So she did what every Vet would do is give him a good once over.  That's when she found it, a growth in his abdomen  area.  Even as I am writhing this, I still can't believe it. He has lymphoma, and it is in his intestines  We are all just heart sick over it.  I wish he could tell us how he feels, so we could help him.  We have weighed all the options and we have decided to just let this run its course since it seems to be in the later stage. We are not ok with him suffering at all, and a surgery will take a major tole on him especially where the cancer is. Dr Black said we have anywhere from moments to a year. I hope and pray he will be with us for a long while.

For now he seems comfortable and kind of following his routine like normal. Eating and drinking, playing with a string a bit.  He has changed some things, like he really doesn't seem to meow as much as before, but is still affectionate and purrs when you are petting him and talking with him.  We are hopeful he will be around with us for a while, but we are prepared for the worst.

We are ever hopeful,
Thanks so much for listening
Love, The Lee Family

Today was Christmas, and Wiley had a very good day, he got his favorite thing in the whole world...a scratching box with catnip!  He was on cloud 9!!
Wiley had a good day today...Thank God for the little things.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Time...

Merry Christmas to all~

I am writing early because as Christmas gets closer, the more crazy I get!  Right now, Dec 19th I have yet to even start my Christmas Shopping!  My babies are not so much babies anymore...22 & 19 now. So they are much easier to shop for...Money, wrapped with Money, inside Money= Money!  Although if my Daughters stocking isn't right, it won't be a good day!  I remember when she was 9, I forgot the stockings...boy did I hear about that, and she reminded me again this year, to not forget...she is truly her fathers daughter...he never forgets anything either!

Well last we left off, I was getting ready for the Christmas Boutique.  It was a good success for sure. In spite  of the weather and the bombardment of lots of other gift shows and boutiques going on that day, we didn't do that bad.  Everyone sold something, which is the whole reason we were sitting out there! **(Our show was held under my business name of The Salvage Chicks n Co.  Wildoberry Farms is my Pattern n Country Gift Company.  Salvage Chicks n Co is for my Promoting of boutiques and such. You can visit Salvage Chicks on Facebook.)    Here are a few pics of the day!
This is Vitalia's Cheer...Vitalia, creates wreaths, this pic doesn't do them justice, they are lovely in person~

 This is Ruby of the West, they pride themselves on authentic vintage clothing, refurbishing and restoring as they go...Linda and Gina are wonderful at what they do~!
 More from The Ruby of the West~
 Here is Kelly of Tularosa Vintage finds! Her mom June and her collect and find the most unique vintage goods, I now own 2 of those vintage table cloths...I can't resist them...
 Here is Kelly's hand crafted Jewelry...I just learned she sold her first piece on Etsy today!!! She was so excited!
 More from Tularosa!

 This is my friend Debra, of Touched of Passion she hand makes these dress forms...she does do custom orders if you are interested, send me an email and I will get you in touch with her...
 She is also dabbling in a new vintage style jewelry line...
 This is Rosalie, from My Country Cottage!  I am sure some of you know her just by her work, she has been in the valley for some time now, her product can be found in Rooster Creek in Temecula or on line~

 This is my Sister, Candace of Junkfusion!  She has a great eye for finding the un-findable!  She has found some great vintage things, stuff I haven't seen available for a long time!
 More can find her on line at
 I love these pink bowls!
 The Murrieta Soap Company is owned by my friend Heather, she sells her handmade soaps n lotions at Cottage Charm the first Sat of every month!!!  Her Stuff smells so yummy! hard to resist!

 She also makes unique greeting cards!

 Here I am, just some goods handmade and some vintage treasures...My friend, Jennifer, crocheted some scarfs and sold them here, with 10% of the proceed, she gave to the Animal Shelter...a total of $30.00! Not bad!!!
 I loved those pointsetta napkin holders so much along with the green glass ware...that I kept it...I think that was my plan all along..
These are handmade Candles from back East...Called Black Crow Candles!  They are the best smelling candles~you don't even have to  burn them, the scent can fill a room just by having the lid off~I will have these posted on Etsy soon!

I wish I would have gotten a whole yard picture, but I got busy and never got back to the picture portion of the show!

We were able to set up without any rain and it wasn't until we were almost completely broken down did it start to sprinkle!  It was a good day~We will be making some new plans for next year!  The Vendors and I will be meeting in January to plan it out!  These Vendors are so talented and have so much to offer...I would love to be able to showcase their talent!

I hope your Christmas will be everything you dream it to be...This is a Magical time of year, where everything is possible.  May you keep the Wonderment of Christmas in your heart all through the year and May God Bless you and your Family in the New Year!  

Our hearts and prayers are with those who have had their hearts broken into bits from this horrible tragedy! May God be your comfort and your rock...

Love to all, and thank you so much for stopping by! It means so much to me!   Thank you all for coming to the Flea Markets, Gift Shows and Boutiques, your support is so important!  Thank you to all the Vendors who participated in the show and gave their support as well!  You are all so near and dear to my heart...So happy to have you in my circle of Friends!
Thanks to you all!  I couldn't have a business without you, so thank you again for your support!
I hope we talk together again soon...

Take good care, stay warm and toasty, stay well and keep a song in your heart!
Love and Blessings, xoxo Deb
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Wildoberry Farms 2012