Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rooster Creek

Hey all, Happy Spring!

Well I am all tucked in at Rooster Creek now...well at least my displays are up and product from the show is up, and priced...if you missed the show swing by Rooster Creek this weekend and see whats new!  I have lots coming...but first I have to find my sewing area...after the show it somehow got buried under all the stuff from the
I am fixing it this weekend getting orders out and finishing up a few things...I will be down Rooster Creek way sometime tomorrow maybe I will see you at the shop!

Thanks for all who swung by the show this past weekend, it was an amazing show, a bit warm but good none the less! I think they said it was a record number of people coming through the show on Friday?  It is the greatest show in the valley after all!  I was so blessed to be a part of it!

Talk to you all soon, Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vintage Market Place

Vintage Marketplace 
Friday - Sunday 9-3 pm
Hope you can make it out! 
should be a lovely weekend!  

Lets Catch up...

Hi there Friends!

Wowzers there has been lots going on for sure...Some Good and of course Some Bad...but over all just life in general!

For starters, Most of you know already I had a chance to be a small part of Road 2 California.  What a grand experience. I had a good response to my patterns and was very happy to hear about that!   Many thanks to Stars and Scraps for including me in the show!

Speaking of Stars and Scraps, they have downsized in to another location in Corona to 1869 Pomona Road, Corona Ca  the number is 951-737-3959.  As of right now I am not in the shop, we will see how it goes when they are all settled again.  They are smaller and my not have as much room for me as they once did.  But we will work it out for sure!

 My entire line of patterns will be at Rooster Creek in Old Town Murrieta after the Marketplace show...

This weekend is The Vintage Marketplace antique flea market show and I will be there with some new goods...I have some bunnies, chicks, and other items... Sandie will be there with me with some vintage quilt tops and some machine embroidered towels...
We set up on Thursday and the show is Friday thru Sunday 9-3 pm...Hope you can come by and see us...I do have a new pattern or two...which leads me to the next item topic...

Wildoberry Farms is adding a new line ... it will be called (for now) Wildoberry Babies, I have a new designer coming on board with me and she and I will be adding some wonderful new items...You might get a sneak peak at the show...we will see...there is so much to do...

Which brings me to the next bit of news...I will be attending the quilt show put on by 
The Divine Sewers of the Ya Ya Sisterhood! 
 Rooster Creek hosted last year and will again this year...

This is where I will launch all the new patterns and the new line .   You won't want to miss this show...the show is 
May 9th beginning at 10-4 pm  located at
 Rooster Creek on Washington in Old Town Murrieta...

Show is free with free parking, it is a small show...but a lot of fun... the ladies are so nice and Rooster Creek is a great vintage/primitive gift shop with fabric, thread and patterns too!

above is Rooster Creek shop in Murrieta find them on FACEBOOK
Outside of Rooster Creek on Washington

After Vintage Marketplace show I will be cleaning up my Etsy account and adding some new items, also I will be adding some new items to our space in Rooster is way over due for a make over!  So please stop by and see the Rooster Creek crew, sit a spell and have a good chin, as my mother in law would always say...xo

On the personal side, there was lots but here is the highlights...
October and November was a blur, and much of December was too come to think of it...

It was my Daughters 21st birthday and my 50th, yes I will admit it.

 So we had a huge party, then the following week was Christmas Eve and we had a house full of family and close friends, Great time!  Then Christmas day  we got ready for our maiden voyage in our new trailer, as we were going camping that weekend... Well we nearly froze since the heater in the camper didn't work! It was a Brand New Trailer for pete was 28 degrees in that tin can! Thank God for my son and his friend as they brought us a space heater for Sat night...we were close Thank goodness!
The weather made sense because that week of  New Years, We got snow...not a light dusting, not a mushy slushy mess, Actually powder snow 6-12 inches to be exact. 
This was unheard way normal!  but it was sure pretty. This was the morning after the snowfall. I am going to put this picture of the snow on my fridge to remind myself of how cold it was here when its 105 this summer!  

 and my last bit of news..., My dad now lives with us, he is healthy and independent he and his lady friend have lots of fun together so I am thankful for that.  My niece also lives here now, just until school is out, she is a senior and wanted to graduate with her class.  They Sold their house in December, and her family is now in Norco, not far but too far to commute to school daily. So she is here till June.  As with moving has come some construction, moving boxes and all the normal chaos that comes with change...Rooms moved and unsettled and such...But its getting better and everything will settle down
Needless to say it was an eventful few months...

And lastly...I just wanted to express how thankful I am to you all who have stopped by and wandered through my pages of babbles!...I have seen so much more activity lately...I am humbled...Thank you all its so nice to have you all around.  Things will get back to a normal here soon I am sure.  

I hope to be caught up a little its a dang book!  
I hope to see you all at the show's, leave your comments below I would love to hear from you..  Remember May is the new pattern launch date, and a new line is coming soon!

Take good care everyone and God Bless

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo