Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Boutique Dec 1st

Happy Day after Thanksgiving,
As I am writing this, I am thinking of all the leftovers we will have for dinner tonight!  We had 24 members of our family here yesterday to celebrate this perfect holiday...No gifts to exchange, just time with the ones you love and loads of great yummy food to eat!  My Niece made some homemade Hard Apple Cider, wowzers was it delicious  it was defiantly a sipping cider not a cider shooter!  We spent time with family we haven't seen in 4 years!  Just timing and location kept us apart for the holidays. But it was just like we saw them yesterday, not a moment passed, I love how some relationships just are like that.  My Best friend lives on the other side of the United States and we see each other maybe once a year at best! Her family lives here on the West Coast, so I get her at least 1 week of her 2 week vacation!  There is no time gap, from the last visit or conversation.  We do talk on the phone every other week or so, but when you are together its different, and thankfully when we do get together, there isn't that awkward silence, we just pick up where we last left off!   We have been doing it this way for over 26 years! Something is working!

Ok I rambled a little off subject there...but I am missing her a little bit today...she has been through a lot this year...maybe when you say your prayers tonight, maybe keep her in mind...Thanks

Ok...Now for what I started this new blog post for...
On Dec 1st we are having a Christmas Boutique at my Sisters house.  We are on the corner of Woshka and Kolo Ct, in Wildomar.  We have a Bake Sale planned, and we are collecting new unwrapped toys and non perishable food. Vendors of talented artist and vintage collectors, hand made goods and tons more!  Grab your best friend and come spend the morning shopping, snacking and enjoying a moment of this wonderful time of year...the flyer is below with all the details,  I hope to see you there!

Take good care and I hope to post again soon,  its hard to be the butcher, the baker AND the candle stick maker!  but its also very rewarding!
Blessings to you all, and thanks for reading my blog, please tell your friends,  Talk to you again soon!
xoxo Deb