Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Madness!

I can't believe it's already March 13th!

Well this month has been better. So far... I did my first Farmers Market on the 6th, my daughter & I had a blast! That morning we had a major frost. I'm not usually up & out that early in the morning (5am). It looked like it had snowed! The grass, roof tops, and plants all had a layer of white frost! Very sparkly! Once the truck was loaded, we were on our way, looking like junk haulers! We got there late, of course! But not too bad, 7:30am. I thought we had to be there at 7am so of course I was stressing!  Turns out as long as we have enough time to set up we were fine. I'm a newbie! Then during set up I broke one of the arms to the canopy, the neighbors had to come rescue me.  Thank you!  Once we figured it all out we were fine...We met some nice people and had a great time together! 

Sat. the 5th my best good friend and I went into Covina, CA, to visit our favorite store's Spring Open House!
I lived in West Covina for 20+ years before moving out to Wildomar...So its fun to go back every now and again to visit favorite haunts!  It's even more fun taking my friends from here, there.  My husband and I love a deli there called Capri Deli!  Best sandwiches in town hands down!  Great people too!  I think that is what I miss about there, more independent stores, not so many chains. Here there are few mom and pop stores...sad really!

Anyway back to the Spring Open House.  The store is The Country General Store, it is in Covina, CA, on Citrus Ave in Downtown Covina.  Sandy has been there for 20+ years, she specializes in Country Decor, but if you are looking for that special something, I'm sure she has it! She has Birthday goodies, jewelry, collectibles, wine decor, freshly ground coffee's,
a candy name it!  I only got a few pictures, because by the time I was done with my shopping frenzy, I forgot to take them... and I knew if I went back in, I wouldn't be out for another hour or more! ha ha!  But you can visit her web site and check her out on Facebook...Country General Store.

We then went to Sandwich City, right next door, their sandwiches are yummy!  My friend ordered a salad with candied walnuts, cranberry's, feta cheese with raspberry dressing! Yumm!!  I had the Puente Ave, (the street where my husband grew up) Turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, & cheese on a roll!                Super Delicious! 

Downtown Covina is a great little town, lots of places to shop, makes for a nice day!

Our day wasn't complete until we visited the Italian market Carlo's. Just around the corner from the Country General Store, in Downtown. If you have ever been into an Italian market, you know that smell...heavenly! Fresh meats, cheeses, pastry's, breads,'s a good thing we ate lunch before we went in!  My bill would have been doubled!  My friend picked up some sausages for dinner, her and her husband are originally from New York, so this place is like home.  I am from here, so she fills me in on all the things to eat there...don't have to twist my arm!  I love the pastry/fresh bread counter...duh!

The hills on the way home so green from all the rain!!!

My favorite so far is the chocolate chip cookie...something about it is just so yummy!  After we filled our carts, and belly's (with the samples...thank you!)  We headed home, but the shopping day would not be complete with out a quick trip to Toms Farms in Corona, CA.  There they have a farmers market, any kind of candy you like, old fashioned soda pop, (my fav is Bubble up!)  Furniture, gifts, wine market, 3 restaurants, a garden place, and I think they have a carousel still. It is over by the lake area on the other side, we only hit the farmers market, gifts, the craft fair, then headed home!  Nice place to spend an afternoon, live music every now and again. Visit them at

Needless to say, we were bushed!  We had a great day! 
Have a great week!!!
Until next posting!!

Home made laundry soap Farmers Market
Scraps n' Pieces for sewing, scrapbooking
Mostly Cotton Fabric...

Another view of the booth at the Farmers Market!

Ps...up coming Spring patterns, Pictures from my sons 21st birthday, and the Sugar Plum Festival March 17th-19th in Costa Mesa!  Worth the trip!

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