Friday, November 15, 2013



Just in case I don't get a chance to say it closer to the actual day...

I just wanted to wish you all a very
 Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving...
Thank you all for your support over the years and I am very Thankful for all of you!

Hope to see you all soon at the show in Dec on the 6-8th in Rainbow, See details below.  I am so excited about this show I can hardly stand it!!!

Please take good care and I will talk with you again soon,

Love and Blessings to you, your family and friends!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours, 
The Lee's

Sunday, November 3, 2013

November is here already!

I can't believe how fast this year is going!
I have been so wrapped up in getting ready for the shows I have barley looked up from my desk!

I hope you all had a great Halloween, I was finally able to stay home and pass out candy this year. I have never had the opportunity to do this, as we were always Trick or Treating or we went to a party!  It was very nice, we sat out front with our little fire pit and passed out candy to the little goblins!

Nov 2nd was the Barn Sale at Rooster Creek, it was a great day, beautiful weather, and lots of shoppers.  Had a great day!
My next and final show of the year is going to be a huge event and I am over the moon excited about it!  I will be at the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow Dec 6-8th  Christmas and Vintage Show...Should Be awesome!!!
I hope you will be able to make this show, Rita and Christie put on a wonderful show, so many talented vendors and artist, you could find something for everyone on your list!!!                                                      
I gotta get back to work, I have so many ideas for this show!!!

Talk to you all soon, Be well and have a great week!!!

Huggs n Stitches, xoxox Deb

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Temecula Quilt Show

Hi there,
Well today was the Temecula Quilt Show. I had the best time, I was able to see people I had not seen in ages.  I use to work down there for many years in Rooster Creek plus I had my own store there for 2 years!
I had made a lot of contacts over the years and I was so excited to see some of them today!

My daughter and I set up the show this morning and we hung out with my friend who came down to see us.  My daughter taught my friend to stitch, so now she is hooked!  (the plan is working!)  So she had fun doing that today!

I have to go put all the items away now...bummer...but its not going to do it by itself, although that would be perfect!
But I just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL! For coming out and for your never ending support!  I appreciate it so much!!!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!
Thanks again!,

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xoxox

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Show Time...

Hi All,

Yeah!! It's Show Season!!!

Oct 5th in Temeucla CA at the Temecula Valley Quilt Show...I will be located in the Butterfield Square building next too the Wool Lady on Front St. Across from the Swing Inn.
I will be just Wildoberry Farms, no Salvage Chicks, no Farmgirls Cottage...Just me...I am very excited to have this opportunity to show my patterns and handmade goods.  Free Admission open from 10-4.

I will also be showing with Sandie from Pieced with Love Quilt Shop from Murrieta, in Idyllwild on Oct 12-13th  at the Buckhorn Camp Peace Center  24641 Highway #243 Idyllwild CA 92549  Admission is $7.00 and Spouses and children under 12 are free.  Free parking and Wheelchair accessible.  Dining hall on site.  This is hosted by the Mountain Quilters of Idyllwild.
Pieced with Love Quilt shop is where my patterns are located.

Then at Rooster Creeks new location on the first Saturday of November for her barn sale in Murrieta on Washington st and C Street...Great location and beautiful store.  One day only and free parking and admission.

The last show of the year is a new one for me...I will be here with all these other extremely talented artisans in Dec on the 6,7,8th in Rainbow, The Vintage Marketplace cost is $5 and free parking.  Grab your friends come shop for your gifts and home decor, then grab a super yummy lunch at The Rainbow Cafe, everything there is great!

We would love to see you, please tell your friends.  

Come join us and help us celebrate the Seasons!!!

Have a great day and take good care, I gotta get back to work!  
Huggs & Stitches,
 xo Debbie xo

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blog Design

Oh my blog is a mess...
I will fix this as soon as possible, I am knee deep in things right now and can't do it now, but oh boy it needs help...

Hope  you all have a great weekend,
xox Deb

Sunday, August 25, 2013

We are Moving!!

Howdy all,
We are moving into our new spot we will be located inside at space #14
Grandpa's Antique Depot 
28418 Felix Valdez Ave. Temecula, CA 
Rancho California Road 

We will be set up for the Labor Day weekend ( we hope ) Sept 1, so if you have a few minutes swing on by and see what we have been working on!  

We will, ( With the approval of the Owner of Grandpas Depot), have a GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION! The Date will be announced soon...

A little history,
Our little group is made up of 3 different businesses, 
Guy and Sue Chilton, they make these darling wood creations,
Nichole Hulford, she refinished furniture and other home decor pieces, 
and Me, I have my patterns, Soft Sculptor dolls, and vintage pieces!

We have a great mix of goods that will help you find the right treasure, gift, or accent for your home!  
Our Shop name is  Farmgirls Cottage
Most things in our space is one of a kind so you should visit often to see whats new!!!  lol

I will keep you posted on our progress...

Also as Wildoberry Farm's we have 2 shows this year coming up, both in October...

October 5th in Temecula at the Temecula Quilt Run Located next  The Wool Lady in the Butterfield Square next to the Swing Inn...
October 12-13th in Idyllwild at the Peace Center at Buckhorn Camp...I will have to get you the address...

Then in February we are in the San Jaciento Quilt show  more details to follow for this show!

Thank you so much for stopping by this blog~  

Huggs & Stitches!
xox Deb
ps...Have a great Week!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wish me Luck, 


Well I  know I was suppose to be behind the sewing machine frantically sewing up FALL goods...I played hookie instead and ran off to the beach with my family...
                         It was a much needed day out. It was over cast and cool, the kids had a blast and we snacked our way through the day. We laughed and got sunburned, my great niece (11) learned how to body surf and my other great niece (4) and great nephew (6) got a little tumbled in the waves...all is well though. It was a beautiful now back to the grindstone and if my machine doesn't catch fire we might meet our dead line...

That's my baby Girl in the pic...With my Great Niece...feeling so warm and fuzzy :0)

Hope you had an amazing Thursday and an even better Friday!!

Thanks for reading my babbles,

Huggs & Stitches
Deb xoxo

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Pattern Released!

Here are the newest patterns!!

Welcome Fall, its created with warm and toasty Flannels and yummy wool!  It would make a great door greeting or hostess gift!  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by Pieced with Love Quilt shop, Located in Murrieta, Ca off Murrieta Hot Springs and Alta Murrieta rd, in the Sizzler shopping center
Next we have some little patterns for the new bundles of joy in your life, Frames are handmade and the opening is a 4 x 6. Frames are easy to customize to suit your babies room decor or personalize for a family member or friend.  Pattern and frames will be available on Etsy soon, you can always email me if you need them sooner..

Ok, Well I gotta run, just stopped by to show you what I have been up to...lots of other things in the works too. For one, we are moving our space into a bigger one in Temecula, should be done by Sept 1st!  More details on that later...gotta get!
Have a great evening and hope to hear from you all soon, don't forget to stop by our Facebook page to get all the latest news!

Huggs & Stitches, Deb
Count your Happies!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time to catch up...

Hello everyone!
   I am so embarrassed!  I have not been in touch for quite some time.  Lots has happened since I wrote you last.
   Our kitty Wiley did in fact pass away last month in June.  He went peacefully here at home and we buried him with all his favorites in our back yard.  Then not more that 3 weeks later our little girl kitty Lolly Pop disappeared, we searched for her for 4 days until I was getting in my truck on Friday, when I noticed blood on our driveway. I knew that wasn't a good sign especially since she never leaves the yard.  We still have posters up, but know she is gone.  We don't have too many coyotes here in the track, but I guess it only took one.

     Once we got over the initial hurt of loosing both our kitties within a month of each other, my family was so sad to not have furry faces to snuggle. So I broke down and we brought home a little girl kitty. She is darling and full of spunk. We have named her Olive, one reason is she has Olive green eyes, and the other is she is All Love...when we brought her home she didn't stop making bread or purring for an hour.
     My friend Nicole adopted one also from the pound on the same day.  She kept the little boy kitty for a week trying to see if her other kitties would be ok with him, they weren't they were peeing in places that are not ok and other stuff..And so again I broke down and now we have him too. His name is Jack.  They are so funny together.  Last week was wrestling, this week they are into running, running ever where and over anything...crazy!  Our baby boy Rocket, who is now the oldest kitty, has taken to them very nicely and its so cute to see him care for the babies...We miss our kitties so much, but its so nice to have furry faces to love again! It takes the sting out of loosing them. Now we just have to introduce them to our dogs...that should be fun!  Only after they are fixed and have the rest of their shots though!

I won't over whelm you with so much to read, but I do have some things to catch you up on!  Our shop, upcoming shows, new patterns and beyond...

Right now I need cake! I hope you all have a wonderful evening,  I will post again tomorrow...I hope!
Take good care,

Huggs and Stitches, Deb

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Space of our own

Greetings to you all!

 Well we have some good-no Great news!  We finally have rented space in a store!!!  We have been looking for a very long time.  It was harder that it use to be, a spot would open up and the rent was crazy high for a tiny space or the store was in a not-so-good location.  I needed to be somewhere as I could no longer do the flea markets due to my knee.  So finally after a long grueling search, the most darling of all spots opened up, so we jumped at the chance.  Anyway, I am sharing this space with my two friends, Sue and her hubbs Guy of Chilton's Wood Nest, and  Rosalie of  My Country Cottage Signs.  Together we are a great blend of Country and vintage goods!  We have created a name that will be used instead of all of our own names, too confusing.  We are calling our shop Farmgirls Cottage and we have a cute sheep as our logo.  We owe all this to the power of Prayer! God is, as always, Amazing!!  With out Him I could do nothing!  Its just awesome how it all came together...Just like it was meant to be...all the people involved and how the store came about. Just perfect. But Gods gifts are always perfect!

The Store is called The Rusty Arbor Antique and Garden Shop and is located at 
24980 Washington Ave, Murrieta Ca 92562 and they are open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5

Here are a few pics of the store, we are a work in progress.  It happened so fast, none of us were really prepared.  Sue and Guy had a huge show they were doing and Rosalie is getting ready for her Sugar Plum show, and I just made a huge wholesale order and was whipped out of we had to just put what we could in there and get busy making up some more goods!  These pics are just after we set up, we will have more in shortly I'm sure, as the shows are ending and I have new goodies put together!  But this will give you a general idea of what it looks like!  I hope you have a chance to stop by and see whats  new in the shop.  We also have a Facebook page for just our shop, so please come follow us Farmgirls and see whats new! We have the back room, that I guess would have been the service porch or kitchen back in the day. The Store is an old cottage style house converted into a shop many years ago...Either way, I just love this store!  Darling in every way, lots of other great vendors too. Plus a fresh flower shop with hand made soaps and lotions!  The Back Yard will be filled with unique fountains and ponds, with garden plants to purchase!

We are a collective blend of Country Primitive Handmade's and Vintage Farmhouse Goods, we also have a few treasures in there, like the jewelry and a few others things, but it all works together for the shop and makes a great place to find a gift, or decorate your home!  

I hope you get a chance to come by!  
Thanks so much for reading my blog, it means alot!

Have a most Blessed Day and May God keep you close to Him always!!

Huggs to you from me, Deb

Friday, January 18, 2013

Blogging is an Art...

I have seen so many beautiful blogs, and they are truly works of art!  Unfortunately I am not very good at this blogging thing...I just can't figure out how to make my page look as pretty as some of the other pages I have found...I know eventually I will, but the trial and error is daunting...I hope you will all bare with me during my discovery.

 The Picture above is one from the store I have my patterns in, Pieced With Love Quilt shop in Murrieta, CA, she is located on Murrieta Hot Springs and Alta Murrieta.  Great Lady and a great shop too.  Lots of classes and Sandier knows her quilt stuff!!!  Stop in if you are a Local here! Or if you are on a little Vacation, its worth a trip!
Thanks so much, Deb

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thread Cubbie

Hi Everyone,

I have a little project to share with you.  I know you have been in my shoes at one time or another, when you are looking for that one thing and can't find it.  I was there 2 weeks ago.  I wanted a cute cubbie for my DMC Floss.  It needed to be big enough to hold the different colors, not individually, category wise, greens, dk greens, lt greens. etc...I looked everywhere.  On line, my favorite haunts, thought about making one.  No luck...Well I did have one thing, but it was too industrial for me.  Plus it was plastic and not the cute cubbie I was hoping for.  Then it dawned on me...You are creative, figure this I did and this is what I came up with.

I took this plastic Home Depot case, used for nuts n boltz, and made it work perfectly for me.  I dusted it off 
and gave it a quick spray of grey primer so the paint would hold.  I used Rust-oleum spray paint, Red of course. The American Accents were going to be for the Drawers...But I changed my mind.   

these are the plastic drawers

then before I sprayed painted the cabinet, I glued feet to the bottom.  The Bird feeders I make leave these perfectly round pegs when I drill the hole in the bird feeder.  I found 4 that were perfect in height, and thickness.  You can use anything for feet on your project.  The drawer pull handles are perfect if you are making something fancy, or just use the wood kind, or random things around the house/yard.  4 rocks would have been great too...something to make it perfect just for creative as possible!

d.lee 2013

I used the E6000 glue.( I think that is the name of it) Its in a grey tube with red packing.   Use Gorilla glue, or some other strong glue to make sure it holds in place.

d.lee 2013

d.lee 2013

d.lee 2013
Now its finished.  I spray painted it and allowed it to dry.  To the plastic drawers I added some scrap booking paper, I love the blue and red together and thought it would be a good fit in my sewing room.  Then I added a little strip to each drawer telling me what colors are in each drawer.  

This case came out so cute, it looks like it is an old metal drawer system...Now I have a cute cubbie for my threads, plus it looks vintage and the cubbie's are clean and free from weird smells...some of the things I found before had some strange smells...

Tell me what you think...

For an update on Wiley.  He is on some medicine that has seemed to help him with the pain and his appetite.  He is still acting like his regular ole self...It has been so cold here lately that we have had to put the heater up more, but that is ok, whatever makes him more comfortable.  

Beginning last Friday, we, one by one, came down with the Bronchitis.  We are feeling better now, on the mend you would say.  But talking and laughing are not something I am doing much of.  Lungs hurt too much! I have finally taken down Christmas, it does feel like I just put it up...I also went through the decorations and decided to get rid of some things.  My motto for this year is going to be "if it doesn't have a home, it goes"...

I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying this wonderful winter we are having...We have loved every frozen minute of it...we don't usually get this chilly of weather for this its been a real treat!

Talk to you all soon, and thanks so much for stopping by, I hope to have some new patterns for you soon...I will post them on my Etsy page, I have 3 new towel designs coming out plus some little treats too...

Be Well and Be Blessed Always!
xoxo Debbie 
d.lee 2013 all rights reserved

Tell me what you think...Love to hear your posts...