Friday, January 31, 2014

Here comes January...There goes January...

We are in a full swing to a New Year!  I have had a very busy few months.  My dad spent most of November in and out of the hospital, and so of course so did I.  He kept us busy.  I normally host Thanksgiving but not this year, something had to give. Thankfully Dad is much better now, he had an infection and had to be on some heavy antibiotics and those created other problems and so it was one thing after another.  But thank God all is well.  I told him he was over his hospital quota for last and part of this year!  My Dad celebrated his 77th birthday this January.  Here he is with his Lady friend Dawn.  They are so funny together!  We are happy that he is happy!  So glad to still have him here!

December was a blur...I set up at the Vintage Marketplace at the beginning of December and it was chilly and we were all wondering if it was going to rain...and it did, it poured and poured.  My husband had sent with us some painters plastic as a just in case and I was so thankful he did. My daughter and I were frantically hanging up the plastic in the tent over the stuff as the tent leaked.  What an experience, not necessarily a good one, just an experience.  We thought the show was going to be a bust, but even in the torrential down pour there were people still shopping!  I couldn't believe it.  I was very thankful but shocked too! We ended up having a great day! and overall a great show, one of the best shows thus far!

This set up was on Friday...pre-rain! and we were still setting up a bit!  I had so much fun setting up, and I learned some things, like bring a lantern just in case you stay past dark, as there are NO lights in the park, second, bring food, any food will do! When you bring food, you won't be so starved that you eat your in and out burger in 2 bites!

January has been a unseasonably warm here in Southern California.  We almost feel guilty for having such great weather, while most of the States are buried under several feet of snow and Ice! Its nice but sadly California is headed into a Mega Drought according to what we have been reading.  Its going to be a  rough summer!  We keep praying for rain I hope He will have mercy! Its too bad we can't have the east coast ship its snow pack to us! And maybe some of the temperatures too.  

I have been getting ready for my next show which starts next weekend! 

Sandie from Pieced with Love Quilt shop and I will be doing this show together!  Like we did in Idyllwild.  We had a lot of fun there, met some really nice people and had a great turn out!  Its my understanding this show has been a busy one in the past so we shall see. We are looking forward to it for sure!  This show is all about patterns and fabric, pin cushions, quilts and kits! 

Then in March I will be at The Vintage Marketplace again for their Spring Show

MARCH 7TH, 8TH, 9TH, 2014
This time we are hoping for no rain...if you get a chance to come out I highly recommend it.  This is a great show. Rita and Christie put on an amazing show!  Great Vendors and hard to find goods!  Great prices and unique handmade goods too!  Cost is $5 to get in and its good for all weekend!  Sunday is free just not as many vendors on that day.
I will have all sorts of handmade goods for this show, or at least I hope to! Plus patterns and fabric too!  some Vintage finds and a few surprises I hope~

Well that's all for now I gotta get back to work, so I can bring  you some new designs and goods!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you next weekend at the show!!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year with your family and friends. I pray for your Year to be filled with happiness, good health and overwhelming prosperity.  

Thanks for following me and my babbles!  It warms my heart!

Thanks again!  xoxoxox  Deb