Friday, January 18, 2013

Blogging is an Art...

I have seen so many beautiful blogs, and they are truly works of art!  Unfortunately I am not very good at this blogging thing...I just can't figure out how to make my page look as pretty as some of the other pages I have found...I know eventually I will, but the trial and error is daunting...I hope you will all bare with me during my discovery.

 The Picture above is one from the store I have my patterns in, Pieced With Love Quilt shop in Murrieta, CA, she is located on Murrieta Hot Springs and Alta Murrieta.  Great Lady and a great shop too.  Lots of classes and Sandier knows her quilt stuff!!!  Stop in if you are a Local here! Or if you are on a little Vacation, its worth a trip!
Thanks so much, Deb

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thread Cubbie

Hi Everyone,

I have a little project to share with you.  I know you have been in my shoes at one time or another, when you are looking for that one thing and can't find it.  I was there 2 weeks ago.  I wanted a cute cubbie for my DMC Floss.  It needed to be big enough to hold the different colors, not individually, category wise, greens, dk greens, lt greens. etc...I looked everywhere.  On line, my favorite haunts, thought about making one.  No luck...Well I did have one thing, but it was too industrial for me.  Plus it was plastic and not the cute cubbie I was hoping for.  Then it dawned on me...You are creative, figure this I did and this is what I came up with.

I took this plastic Home Depot case, used for nuts n boltz, and made it work perfectly for me.  I dusted it off 
and gave it a quick spray of grey primer so the paint would hold.  I used Rust-oleum spray paint, Red of course. The American Accents were going to be for the Drawers...But I changed my mind.   

these are the plastic drawers

then before I sprayed painted the cabinet, I glued feet to the bottom.  The Bird feeders I make leave these perfectly round pegs when I drill the hole in the bird feeder.  I found 4 that were perfect in height, and thickness.  You can use anything for feet on your project.  The drawer pull handles are perfect if you are making something fancy, or just use the wood kind, or random things around the house/yard.  4 rocks would have been great too...something to make it perfect just for creative as possible!

d.lee 2013

I used the E6000 glue.( I think that is the name of it) Its in a grey tube with red packing.   Use Gorilla glue, or some other strong glue to make sure it holds in place.

d.lee 2013

d.lee 2013

d.lee 2013
Now its finished.  I spray painted it and allowed it to dry.  To the plastic drawers I added some scrap booking paper, I love the blue and red together and thought it would be a good fit in my sewing room.  Then I added a little strip to each drawer telling me what colors are in each drawer.  

This case came out so cute, it looks like it is an old metal drawer system...Now I have a cute cubbie for my threads, plus it looks vintage and the cubbie's are clean and free from weird smells...some of the things I found before had some strange smells...

Tell me what you think...

For an update on Wiley.  He is on some medicine that has seemed to help him with the pain and his appetite.  He is still acting like his regular ole self...It has been so cold here lately that we have had to put the heater up more, but that is ok, whatever makes him more comfortable.  

Beginning last Friday, we, one by one, came down with the Bronchitis.  We are feeling better now, on the mend you would say.  But talking and laughing are not something I am doing much of.  Lungs hurt too much! I have finally taken down Christmas, it does feel like I just put it up...I also went through the decorations and decided to get rid of some things.  My motto for this year is going to be "if it doesn't have a home, it goes"...

I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying this wonderful winter we are having...We have loved every frozen minute of it...we don't usually get this chilly of weather for this its been a real treat!

Talk to you all soon, and thanks so much for stopping by, I hope to have some new patterns for you soon...I will post them on my Etsy page, I have 3 new towel designs coming out plus some little treats too...

Be Well and Be Blessed Always!
xoxo Debbie 
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