Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time to catch up...

Hello everyone!
   I am so embarrassed!  I have not been in touch for quite some time.  Lots has happened since I wrote you last.
   Our kitty Wiley did in fact pass away last month in June.  He went peacefully here at home and we buried him with all his favorites in our back yard.  Then not more that 3 weeks later our little girl kitty Lolly Pop disappeared, we searched for her for 4 days until I was getting in my truck on Friday, when I noticed blood on our driveway. I knew that wasn't a good sign especially since she never leaves the yard.  We still have posters up, but know she is gone.  We don't have too many coyotes here in the track, but I guess it only took one.

     Once we got over the initial hurt of loosing both our kitties within a month of each other, my family was so sad to not have furry faces to snuggle. So I broke down and we brought home a little girl kitty. She is darling and full of spunk. We have named her Olive, one reason is she has Olive green eyes, and the other is she is All Love...when we brought her home she didn't stop making bread or purring for an hour.
     My friend Nicole adopted one also from the pound on the same day.  She kept the little boy kitty for a week trying to see if her other kitties would be ok with him, they weren't they were peeing in places that are not ok and other stuff..And so again I broke down and now we have him too. His name is Jack.  They are so funny together.  Last week was wrestling, this week they are into running, running ever where and over anything...crazy!  Our baby boy Rocket, who is now the oldest kitty, has taken to them very nicely and its so cute to see him care for the babies...We miss our kitties so much, but its so nice to have furry faces to love again! It takes the sting out of loosing them. Now we just have to introduce them to our dogs...that should be fun!  Only after they are fixed and have the rest of their shots though!

I won't over whelm you with so much to read, but I do have some things to catch you up on!  Our shop, upcoming shows, new patterns and beyond...

Right now I need cake! I hope you all have a wonderful evening,  I will post again tomorrow...I hope!
Take good care,

Huggs and Stitches, Deb