Sunday, May 22, 2011


Whew!   I had no idea I could be so chatty! lol!     Someone should have said something!     Like Shhhh...HAHAHA!

I have really enjoyed sharing with you these point of views, and I hope to some degree they have inspired you too.
But here's the thing, the real reason I decided to even start a blog was, not only to be able to pull out my soap box...but also, to display the items I design and create! I'm sure I won't be able to suppress my babbles for long, I love sharing...and I love to talk...duh!  I'm a Woman...Its in our nature to want to talk... I talk to everyone, no matter where I am...My family asks me if I am making friends again! Too Funny!  Now look I have gone on an on about nothing for like 8 sentences talking about talking!!  See Babbles!  Oh well,  Back on subject...

OK...Here it is...
             I would very much like to Re-introduce myself as the designer & creator of
Wildoberry Farm's, where I design, stitchery patterns, wood projects, refurbish old things and make lots of handmade goodies. I have been creating/designing, for many years. However, this Blog/Internet thing is still all very new to me... Even though I have been designing for years, I have only ever sold locally, on consignment, and to friends/family. This is a big step for me...I feel like its time to branch out though.  Try something new..           Do you remember that Indiana Jones Movie with the Holy Grail?  Where he had to take that leap of faith??  That's where I feel I am.  I really think its time for me to close my eyes and take that leap, I know God will be there to guide me, always has been before, but its always that first step...Maybe I'll land on top, or maybe on the clearance rack...Only time will tell! 

       I appreciate you taking this journey with me, new adventures are always better with friends!

        Anyway, here we go, into the wild blue Internet,   I'm so excited!                           

                  Alright, I'm ready, eyes closed, foot up...1-2-3..leap 
 Wow! that was really... easy...hahah! (I know, cheesy right...but you get the idea!) Yeah!

Here are a few sample's of the designs I have done.  I am always working on new things. I have a New line of dish towels and candle mats coming out. Probably by the middle of June they will be done. These Items can be purchased through my Etsy account, located below on the blog, or you can email me.

This is just a small sample,

Cherry Pillow, finished product.
4th of July Stitchery Pattern/frame sold separated

The Candle Matt's, and stitchery pattern's

Hand Painted Farmhouse Sign

a sampling of pattern's Check out ETSY for individuals

 I know I should choose just one thing, a single focus, try to perfect it...I have tried to, but I simply can't decide.  I love all of it, wood, painting, sewing, crafting, etc...I did narrow it down, tried to keep it all related, Farmhouse/Country Themed...Usable things, not just dust collectors. So I am going to focus on those, try to perfect them...Well, I hope to get close anyway!

Please check out My Etsy account at and see whats new.
Thanks for following my blog. 

Please let me know what you artist loves feedback!

Gotta go, Celebrity Apprentice is on and its the last one!

Until next time,
"Babbles from a simple mind" be continued

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello again...

Well, when last we visited, I was telling you about Easter traditions...I just want to let you know I followed every one of those!  I was sitting in my chair, watching TV with my husband, when I started laughing...I had done it again,Only this time I forgot to make the baskets, let along hide them! Thankfully I wasn't in bed yet this year, but I was just about to be...Oh well...what else are traditions for but to keep them going year after, year after, year...hahah


Mothers Day is fast approaching...This is a bitter sweet time of year for me...My momma had gone home to be with our Lord,  9 years ago.  This month (May) is when we had found out she had cancer and next month (June) is when we had buried her.  She had lung cancer and it was a fast grower. The Dr's kept telling us she had 1-2 years, and while we were trying to wrap our minds around that short of time, the cancer had other ideas...

I hope with all my heart that whom ever  is reading this, is if you take nothing else from the gibberish I write, is you spend as much time with your loved ones as you can, love them with every fiber of your being, bless them, keep them close to your heart, don't let any problems or anything keep you apart. Don't let anger rule your heart, forgive! forgive! forgive! Of course don't be a door mat, but you understand what I mean.  God wants us to love each other,everyday and how can we do that if we can't even forgive.   God says Love. Let love rule your heart, hugg like there is no tomorrow, because you never know how many tomorrows you will have.  Love in such a way, that if anything were to ever happen, no one would ever question if they were  loved.  You can never love anyone enough, its impossible, love is too big to contain...

I knew my mom loved me, she practically strangled it into me every time I saw her, my mom ruled her heart, with love, she showed us everyday, with little things, Things I miss very much now, but took for granted then.   

My mom loved everything and everyone, gardening, cooking, her bbq's were the best, spending time with her grand kids, us too of course.  Having picnics in the park ( wish we did that more) Loved her Kmart, we had one in our neighborhood. She knew everyone in there! She loved to laugh, had 2 green thumbs, and wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

She had tackled her illness with bravery, grace and dignity. 

My mom was so beautiful, funny, amazing, strong, talented, generous and of course So Loving!

I miss her so much! It's hard facing some of life's challenges without her.  Sometimes I forget I'm the momma now and my kids look to me as I looked to her...I hope I'm doing a good job...!

I think all we really want as humans is to be connected with someone, accepted-to love and be loved.  It sounds so simple...but jealousy, greed, hatred and judgement can stand in the way. Don't let that get in your way. I am not perfect, I struggle with this too.  We just need to get to the good and happy stuff...Love!  ha ha!

So my friends, Love with all you have, and when you get tired, Love some more, it will make you happier, you will live longer,  you and everyone around you, will be better for it! 

I hope you all have the best Mothers Day, I hope your day is so full with love and happiness that you couldn't fit one more drop of it in your day!

Love and be loved,
Have a wonderful day* 
Until Next time...
Love, Deb
The babblings of a simple mind...