Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hello friends!

Well as this weekends Quilt show at Rooster Creek approaches, I am reminded of all the plans I had for this show! And now of all the things that won't be finished for this show!  I have new patterns in the middle of being complete, dolls half dressed and other items in the mid process stage! 

 I will have some new pattern samples ready but the patterns are not complete so you will have to pre order them.  I will offer them at a discounted rate for the inconvenience.  I will have some Mothers day goods ready.  And a whole lot of patterns marked down 25-50% off the original price!  Plus some fabric remnants, scraps and pieces at a great price too.  
I have loads of buttons, and a few other things here and there.  

There are some Big changes coming to Wildoberry Farms this year.  For starters, this will be my last show for this year. I am taking this time to regroup my patterns and product.  I want all my patterns to be better! I am not going away by any means,  I will be here on my blog, my Etsy account, Facebook, my space at Rooster Creek and hopefully I will have my own web site soon.  I will still supply my stores with my patterns and hopefully add new shops, maybe in your town!  

I love doing the shows, but they are a lot of work and a lot of pressure to get things done.  I feel with all that, my patterns have suffered by being rushed.  I always want to offer you a quality product, and I can't do that when I am being rushed.  Thus, my plan is to take some time, re assess my business and make things better.  This company is a one woman show!  I am the chief, cook and bottle washer, so I am my own worse critic, and when something isn't right I have no one to blame but myself! ha, Talk about pressure! 

My business will be here on line, Etsy, Blog and Facebook, as well as being in Rooster Creek in Murrieta on Washington and C street.  You can also find my patterns,
 in Cherry Berry Quilt shop in Calimesa,
Georgia's Quilt shop in Beaumont, 
Up in Bakersfield at Strawberry Patches Quilt Shop
The Wool Lady in Temecula,
 in Orange County at The Quilt Cupboard, 
and in Tustin at the Flying Geese Quilt shop

  You all have been wonderful customers and some of you have even become my friends.  And I treasure that so much!  I want you to know I am not quitting or giving up this amazing business. You just won't find me at any more shows this year!  I hope you will stick around and see how this will all turn out!  
I have so many ideas, I just wish my hands could keep up!  

I will see you Saturday at the Quilt show at Rooster Creek
See you there!  

Thanks all of you for coming by and for your unwavering support!  You all mean so much to me!  

Hope to see you all around!

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo