Friday, November 28, 2014

Post Turkey Coma...

Good Morning Friends!

Did you all have a Happy Thanksgiving? We had a very low key Turkey day this year.  I remember last year we had been taking care of my dad who was sick, and I just made dinner for the 5 of us. This year my daddy is healthy, (Thank God) and we were able to have him and my sis in law with her husband this year. It was a food ladened afternoon, I only cook for 500 people on holidays even if there is only 7.  Needless to say we shall have turkey everything for the next few nights.

This year my daughter came to me and asked if we can make a new tradition starting this year.  I said sure what did you have in mind and she told me she wanted to help me cook!  Of course I was all for that! Heck yea I said!  So she prepped the Turkey, made the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and finished off the yams. She set a beautiful table and helped me stay focused on what was important. Love~Laughter~and~ Family!  It was the most least stressful Thanksgiving ever.  It was so fun, I can't wait for next Thanksgiving for us to cook together again. (Maybe I won't let it go that long, maybe she will be helping me say like a Tues night)! lol

I hope you all had time to sort out what you are truly Thankful for. I am thankful for so many things, good, bad and otherwise!  I wouldn't be where I am today if anything in my life had changed one bit.

Thank you to my followers and friends for being in my life, because you are here in my life, I am a better person, and my heart is overflowing!

Here is to another Thanksgiving we were able to share, and here is to many more to come!  May all your days be Blessed, and may you find one thing an hour to be thankful for!

Have a great weekend and squeeze a good nap in if you can!  Nothing like a Sunday nap! zzz!
Thank you for reading my babbles and for stopping over!

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

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