Monday, July 28, 2014


Hi all,
When I was younger and would say things like "Oh I can't wait to be older" My Mother would say "don't wish your life away, its going fast enough"  I never got what she meant until I became an adult...and she was does pass by you fast enough...Now the older I get the faster time seems to go by...I can't believe we are in the last week of July?  I still need to go to the beach, and catch up on my Summer reading, have our family BBQ and other summer things. This Summer has been filled with home improvement projects, we started with one in February, and here we are in July and we are still working on things...the one has now become many...all in mid production, my goal this week is to finish as many as possible, most are just little things, like sanding and painting.  I am confident I will finish, then next week I can work on my Summer Fun List!!! ( I hope)

I hope your Summer Fun List has some check marks on it!  Family Vacation, maybe a Reunion, Beach Trips, Amusement Parks...Just make sure there is some fun and don't let time rush by without taking a break from all of life's chores!

Speaking of work...I have been working on some new patterns, (In between the home improvements) of both Fall and Christmas.  I am looking forward to Idyllwild show in Sept.  My Hubs and I stay at one of the local cabins there and its a working weekend, that doesn't feel much like work.
 Sandie and I are working on a dual pattern, my contribution is stitchery and hers is the is going to be a great pattern!!!  I can't wait to reveal it at the show!!! 
I will post the other new patterns here and on my etsy page as soon as they are complete...

I am working on a web page, and also a page to let you know where you can find me in other stores...Yet another Summer

I hope you all are enjoying your Summer, and try not to let too much time fly by you before you do the one thing you have been putting off...go do something fun, the work will still be there when you get home, but the chance to spend with friends and family and to make a new memory is right now...
I am telling you this as much as I am telling myself...
Have a great rest of your Summer!

See you all soon, Be well and Be Blessed,
Thank you all for coming by~

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xoxoxox

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