Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Friends Booths

Here are the pics from my friends booths!
Kat and her nephew Jake from Plaid Kat Designs

I just love her ideas she is so very clever!

This is Lori, from Simply Put Great Quilt patterns and designs!

This was our row! Rachel is right there to the very left of the pic it the bloomer skirt n black boots! and you can see Sandie in our booth in the teal blouse! She is behind the counter!

Kelly's from Tularosa her and her momma June work together to make beautiful things look even better!

Love this pic!

Dag nabit...I can't find the pic from Rachels Madam Blue, once I find it I will post it...Sorry Rache I thought it was in this group!  Rachel has great one of a kind pieces of furniture and makes these cool stampy bracelet things too!

Ok gotta get to work!  Take good care and I hope you have a great weekend!
Huggs n Stitches
xoxox Deb

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