Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Country Loft & Etsy Update

Hi Everyone!
Lets play Good News, Sad News...The Good News is Etsy has made some unique updates. Then the not so Good News is one of my favorite shops is going to be closing soon.  Anyway, on with the post...

First off, Etsy is launching a new look for its sellers...It should be live tomorrow, it says the 5th but I bet it will take a day or two to get all of it up and running.  There are some great improvements and I hope the page is better to navigate for everyone to shop. I have so many plans for that page, that I can hardly contain myself.  There is a stack of pattern wanna-be's on my desk just waiting to be finished. I have been so busy lately, I need to get those new goodies listed on my new and improved page!!! I hope to have them all up soon!  

Here is a peek at my new banner...

I am so excited to be able to update my page...Its been a while.  I think I need about 10 more of me to get things done around here!  HaHa!

For the Sad News.

I will be headed to my favorite shop this week, its closing soon and if I could, I would spend night and day there until they kick me out on the very last day!  Its been around for many many years. They are just going to finally retire.  I can't blame them, but they will be missed terribly, for sure!

The Country Loft, always feels like home as soon as you walk in.  The smiling faces of those wonderful women who run this place, who leave you cookies and yummy things to drink, travel miles and miles to bring back the very best antiques, and cut out each and every piece to each and every kit for each and every project. I say Thank you!  Thank you, for everything you ever did to make this place so special.  I am happy you are retiring but terribly sad to see you go.  Much Love and Good Wishes to you all, and God Bless you Always!!!

I hope you all have a place as special as this one is to me and so many others.  Treasure these amazing shops, before they are all gone.  

Have an amazing day my friends and be kind to each other!

Huggs n Stitches, Deb xo

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