Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Quick Survey...

Howdy all,

I wondered if I could ask a few questions about how you shop for your favorite things.
When you want to purchase your fabric, patterns, home decor, vintage items, hand made items, one of a kind goods and such.  Where do you usually buy them or prefer to buy them?  
Are you more likely to wait and shop the shows? Ex: quilt show, vintage market or flea market?  
Or do you have a favorite shop/shops you go to? Country shops, Mom n Pop Gift shops, Vintage Malls.
Or are you more likely to shop on line. Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Artists Personal Web pages.
I want to know where you go the most...how often do you shop for these types of items? Are you buying for a gift, personal use or home decor?
Your answers will be greatly appreciated. In the comment section please leave your answer along with the city or country you are from.

Looking forward to hearing from you. xo Deb

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