Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prims Magazine

I am so excited to tell you...I am one of the artists featured in next months Prims Magazine!  My little sheep Abagail is lighting up the pages...Its such a great magazine, I have collected everyone of them...I feel so honored!! Many thanks to Danielle M and all of the editors at Stampington Post for all their efforts to make this happen!!!

Loads of great artists in this one!! Love all of them!!!

I had to keep this quiet for a long time, I am so happy to let it out now!!  As always thank  you for following me and reading my latest babbles!! and many thanks for sharing in my good news today!! 

In other news, my fall last month has resulted in a chipped bone and a small tear in my wrist, not so good news, so I am laid up for at least 2 weeks.  Bummer!  My stubborness has taken its toll, I should have went to the doc last month and I would be better now...but, No I have to do it the hard way... lol.

In the mean time I will get caught up on my posts and etsy posts as well.  Patterns will have to wait for now...

While I have you here...

I will be at  Rooster Creek on May 10 as a guest of  "The DIVINE SEWERS of THE YA YA SISTERHOOD" Not real sure of how I will be set up but I will have my newest patterns available and maybe a goodie or two for you...its May 10th time I am assuming from like 9-2pm just not sure.  There will be quilts for sale and live demonstrations.  
Located at Rooster Creek in Old Town Murrieta on Washington and C street
Best to follow us on Facebook there we will post the time and other details. 

Time to ice my wrist   I want to avoid surgery if I can... I cannot take off that much time for sure!  Thanks again for hanging out...Look forward to your comments!  
Till next time...Be happy, xoxox Deb


  1. Hi Deb,
    Found you in The Country Register and am now following you. Congratulations on being selected to be in Prims, your dolls are adorable.