Friday, April 4, 2014

Pieced With Love Quilt Shop

Pieced with Love quilt shop will be closing on April 26th.  She is closing for financial reasons, thankfully and not health reasons.  She has been there only a short time but has made many new friends and has enjoyed helping her customers with their quilting needs.  I have been blessed with a new friend and partner for the quilt shows.

Sandie and I have planned to continue the quilt shows so check back here or on my facebook page to see the dates and times of the next show.
I don't have any idea what Sandie has planned for after the shop closes, but I know whatever she does it will be amazing!

As far as my patterns go, you know I am also in the shop,  I have not worked out all the details as of yet, but I am still in business and for now you can find me on Etsy, here on my blog, email, or on Facebook.
Being in Pieced with Love has been a blessing for my company.  I have so many wonderful customers from her quilt shop that I may not have ever had if it wasn't for Sandies shop!  I am forever thankful!

She is having a sale to lower her inventory before she closes.  If you go, please be patient because it has been crazy busy there...

Thank you all so much for reading my blog, I am grateful for you...

Have a great weekend!
Deb xoxox

P.S.  There are a few shows this weekend.. Urban Barn Sale in Escondido  155 W Crest St Escondido
The Myrtle Creek Nursery on Reche in Fallbrook, , Rooster Creek's Barn Sale on Washington in Historic Downtown Murrieta, Also Cottage Charms Vintage Market on Ivy/Jefferson  all are from like 9-4pm  Grab some friends and get shopping! lol

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