Friday, October 26, 2012


Howdy All,
Well I am just so sad...I cannot do the Craft Market that is coming up in November.  I was running errands today and going to pay for the spot was on my agenda, I had gone to 2 stores picking up a birthday gift for my wonderful Husband and then to the pet store for some kitty food.  By the time I got to my truck, my knee was killing me as well as my left foot.  Which is a result of babying my knee all this time I have injured my foot.    I have been in therapy for over 3 months trying to make this knee better, I go to therapy then go work super hard at the next show!  I re-injure it all over again.  So I have to decide, re-injury or try to heal...Needless to say, I won't be setting up this month or next.  I love doing it, I love seeing all of the people, everyone is so nice and interesting to talk to.
I will miss it, very much.  But when I am 75 I want to be able to walk, and I know at the rate I'm going that may not be the case.
  I am hard on myself just like I'm sure most of you are too, when it comes to home, family, work we go all out. There is always something that NEEDS attention right now. I applaud all of you who have a career and home life.  I did it for many years and thank God in Heaven above I have a very supportive husband.  He always has my back no matter what.  Now a days, I do my patterns and creations, but I usually am right here on the computer working for our Electrical Company, paying bills, answering emails, etc.  I love that I am home, and can work here. But its still work, and I still have all the other responsibilities too.
I will miss setting up at the Market, but we are still planning on having the Christmas Boutique at My Sisters house on Dec 1st, Most of the set up will be with the other vendors and hopefully by that time I will have rested my knee enough to have it on the mend...
The markets are all I have ever known as far as selling my wares, so this will be a new challenge for me.  I will work harder on Etsy and getting my name out there more...Its scary to try something new, but I am looking forward to the new challenges it will bring!!!

Thank you all so much for listening and understanding, I hope you will continue to follow us on Facebook, Etsy and here on the Blog...Give us some feedback if you like, I would love to hear from you!!

Take care and have a great weekend, Talk to you all soon,
Be Blessed, Be Well and Be Happy,
xoxox Deb

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