Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ladies Shopping Nite

Good Morning,
Last night I attended an interesting way to shop.  My Friends Debbie and Heather, set up a boutique in Heather's house.  She had 4 or 5 Vendors set up in her down stairs area.  It helps that she is packing up to move so not much was there.  She served wine, snacks and treats too.  She had originally wanted to set it up outside, but the weather here has been so hot( 90 at 7:30) that it just didn't work out.  I got some great deals, had some yummy cupcakes and good quality girl time.

Here is where the video should be...

I would love to show you the video I took on my phone, but sadly, Im technologically challenged and can't figure it out...I will eventually get my poor brain wrapped around this   Someday-

This may be the next new wave of shopping.   There are all kinds of people having have home parties, why not have one like this too.  I think I will be working on this...I'll keep you posted...

Have a wonderful weekend,
Until next time,

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