Friday, August 19, 2011


Hello again!
Well, this has been a fast month...right!  Don't blink! lol
This has, however been a productive month I must say. I have managed to get things rolling in the business dept, and that's a good thing, my garden is finally doing well, and my Husband, which is the best news ever! Is back up and walking around again!  Thank God!  He didn't think he was going to handle staying down one more day!  (knee surgery)  He is still in therapy and will be for a while, it's a nice, scratch that, Wonderful thing to see him up an moving around again!

Well back to the business, Patterns Patterns Patterns!  I have been drawing like a mad women!  I have some new dish towels ready for sale, more on the way, the process is sometimes a little slower than I like. Seems that is the only thing in my life that is slow! haha
None the less, new patterns on the way.  A new Fall wool applique one, I am especially excited about, mostly because I love my wool!  Its so easy to work with, and felts up so nice.
He will be on the page shortly.  Gotta get busy...I am only a one gal operation you know!

I have sent out a few wholesale catalogs, so if there is a favorite store who you would like see carry my patterns, let me know and I would love to send them a catalog!! And if you do...I can send you a free pattern for your trouble! **BonuS!!**

Well if you can see the time you will know its late!  I better hit the sack...I was staying up because my poor daughter (senior in high school) had a mountain of homework to do! urgh!  So Much!  So I thought I would stay up a little to show support! 
But now its time for sleep! 
Have a great Friday everyone!  Take care and check back in a couple days as the patterns will be on here soon!
For now...
Deb :0)
More babbles from a simple mind!

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