Saturday, April 23, 2011


Happy EASTER Everyone,


I don't care how old my kids get.  My Mom did it for me and I will do it for them till I am 110 years old!  I make them an basket, filled with junk, this year is bunny parachutes, bubbles and a kite!  Of course candy they don't need, that will come back to haunt me at the dentist office! But candy all the same!  And tonight just before I am ready to doze off to sleep...I will realize I forgot to hide those baskets, again, or last year make them! So I will jump out of bed, with my husband laughing!  As I stumble around the house in the dark trying to find the best place to hide them, I will promise myself that next year will be different...yea right!

 ...In the morning we will play the hot and cold game again looking for the baskets, laughing, teasing, spending time together...they finally find them, thankfully now they have a tad more patience, and we can eat breakfast first before they eat the treasures they have found, but when they were younger...forget it, both would come to the table with a chocolate smile for breakfast! haha

Our family traditions are very simple.  Mine and my Husbands family gather here at our home for an early dinner, and then we just relax and catch up from the last time we got together ( usually Christmas)  This will hold us over till we see each other again for a summer BBQ.  Then the holidays round the corner again, and the cycle continues...see simple.  Once in a while there is a monumental birthday that takes place or graduation but mostly that's it.  And the saddest thing is my dad, sister,  sister in law and bro in law just live around the corner from us...crazy huh!  Just goes to show you how busy lives get!

Ok way off track of where I was going...Oh yes, simple traditions...anyway, most of our kids are teenagers, pushing young adulthood now, and unless we put money in all the eggs, they show very little interest in an egg hunt...However, I do have 2 nieces who are young enough to enjoy a little frolic in the yard looking for the eggs the above mentioned teenagers have hidden.  Grandpa and the uncles usually help in hiding the eggs too, and then they have to help them find them when they realize the girls aren't 10 feet tall!  I think its their way of playing without looking like they are! haha

I love Easter, so did my mom, it was the last holiday we spent together.  She has been gone now, it will be 9 years in June. I put up the Easter decorations we had growing up...I love anything vintage anyway so it just fits. We always have ham, potato salad, and green beans for dinner with rolls, then for dessert we have pineapple upside down cake, my dad's fav! It just works, I try to keep some of the traditions I had growing up, plus I have added some of our own to the mix. Like this year I am trying a new recipe out, called a crust less strawberry pie, we will see.

   I just hope one day my children will look back on this holiday and it will warm their hearts and put a huge smile on their face.  Keeping the traditions but adding their own too...

Traditions are so important, they are what gives our past meaning to the future generations that carry them on. 

I hope you have some traditions that you look back on with a happy heart.

Even with all the traditions, food, family and friends we all know the real reason we celebrate Easter...

We know Easter is so much more than bunnies and candy. It is about the ultimate sacrifice, His life for our lives.  It is about Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy. Its what we base our belief on, our Faith.  This is a good time to reflect on how we are living our lives, and what examples we are setting for our children and others around us... What sacrifices are we making, how can we make our lives and the lives around us better? What difference's can we make, who needs our help?  We are more amazing than we give ourselves a chance to be!

I can do all things with Christ which strengthens me! Philippians 4:13

Gods love is unfailing, ever present, and never ending...

I hope your Easter is filled with every ounce of happiness and your blessings over flow so much that you could not hold one more drop!

Be Blessed my friends and have the best EASTER Ever!!!

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